Hellfire Short Film Festival 2020 Update

We apologise for being silent over the past week, this is due to our servers being compromised. No sensitive or personal information was stolen but it did knock out all email and internet services until today including access to our website. You may have noticed our security certificate had been redirecting to a gambling site and therefore throwing up a security message on your browser. This was not of our doing.

These issues have now been resolved as of 8pm (BST) today, Saturday 11th July.

The Hellfire Short Film Festival 2020 DID take place remotely on Saturday 4th July and the winners will be announced in the next few days. We have delayed the results for two reasons, one is our internet security issues. We had no way of contacting the winners. Secondly we still haven’t received the trophies. We were expecting the trophies mid-June but it now appears that due to Covid-related supply issues we may not receive them for another one to two weeks.

Please accept our sincere apologies as we fell way short of what is expected of us during this past week or so.

Coronavirus and Hellfire Film Festival

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease continues to spread throughout the world we have made the decision to make this year’s Hellfire Short Film Awards a closed event and all other events have been postponed indefinitely.

Updated: March 26, 2020

What does this mean?

All Hellfire Film Festival events barring the Hellfire Short Film Awards have been postponed indefinitely. The Hellfire Short Film Awards will still go ahead but there will not be any public gathering for it.

All films submitted to the Hellfire Short Film Awards will be reviewed by the judges in their own homes via our submissions partner FilmFreeway. The judges will then decide by conference call who the winners will be. The trophies will then be awarded and mailed to the recipients.

Why are we doing this?

At the last Hellfire Short Film Festival audience members came from the length and breadth of the UK. We want to do our bit to help limit the spread of the disease after almost 100 confirmed cases in our county and nearly 10,000 in the UK as a whole. Our director, Gary Ingoldby-Spate, who still receiving treatment for a well documented illness – as such his immune system is almost non-existent, is in the high risk category if he becomes infected so he is now upon medical advice being “shielded” for twelve weeks, so we did not take this decision lightly.

While we are bitterly disappointed to make this decision we hope you understand the reasoning and we hope the situation improves soon.

Stay safe and adhere to all government advice.

New festival information

We are now launching a new festival geared specifically for those isolating at home during this COVID-19 outbreak. Called Hellfire@Home Festival we take a film festival direct to your living room.

Media Enquiries

For all media and press enquiries please contact : Sadie Ingoldby-Spate, Head of Marketing – sadie@hellfirefilmfestival.com.

Making Short Work of the Final

Twenty-two months, 3,300 submissions, 143 countries represented, 163 films screened and it all came down to one night. Welcome to the Hellfire Short Film Festival Grand Final. Read more

A laboured route to the Grand Final

In July 2016 the Hellfire Short Film Festival’s competition format began in earnest. However, the intention of hosting twelve qualifying rounds over the following twelve months didn’t quite go to plan. Read more

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Hellfire’s A Hit, Man!

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Season Two Submissions on Filmfreeway

Season Two Submissions Strong

The submissions process for the Hellfire Short Film Festival Season Two is open. While Season One may still be in the semi finals we thought “why not open the next season early?”. And the numbers are very encouraging!

Season Two of the Hellfire Short Film Festival is due to begin in Spring 2018 and it’s set to be bigger and better than ever. We have a lot of plans for 2018 including an expanded Hellfire Classics schedule and more Hellfire Specials.

Impressive Numbers

The number of submissions for the new season has already surpassed the Season One 12th Round with two months still to go until the deadline. Hopefully this trend will continue throughout the competition. The final submissions count for Season One is 3,183 coming from 143 countries spanning all four corners of the planet. 163 short films took part in the competition and the combined budget (of all of the submitted films where the budget was given) surpasses £4.9million.

FilmFreewayFor Season Two we have reduced the submissions fee and all submissions are made exclusively through our partners FilmFreeway.

Season Two

Season Two’s format will remain the same. Each film selected to be screened in each qualifying round will be voted on by the audience. There will be twelve rounds of 8-10 short films with the highest scoring film in each round going straight through to the final. Two runners up in each round will go into three semi finals for a second chance to make the final. The final round will be a full day event and the winners presented with the coveted Hellfire Short Film Festival trophies.

Next Event

We will now be taking a break from the competition due to the festive period but we’re not going anywhere. There may not be any films to vote for in December however we certainly will be celebrating with our second Christmas Special called “Ho Ho Hellfire 2“. This event takes place on December 27th at the usual venue the Lime Bar Cafe, Folkestone. Maybe you’d like to join us for some festive fun?

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Finalist Draws No Fear

Finalist Draws No Fear

Eight semi finalists battled it out on Wednesday evening for a spot in the Hellfire Short Film Festival final. All eight short films, coming from the far corners of the Earth including the USA, Canada and Australia, were screened for the second time in an evening that was dominated by horror. Who becomes our 14th finalist?

Over the course of the Hellfire Short Film Festival‘s first season 163 films have been shown from a pool of over 3,000 submissions sent in by filmmakers in 143 countries. That’s a lot of numbers.

Semi Final 1 lineup:

Under The Apple Tree by Erik van Schaaik (Netherlands)
Already Dead by Michael James Dean (England)
Only Human by Jesse Richards (Australia)
Drawn To Fear by Daniel Robinette (USA)
Incoming Call by Eoin Cleland (Northern Ireland)
Portal To Hell!!! by Viviendo Caldinelli (Canada)
Silently Within Your Shadow by Scott Lyus (England)
The Goose Hunter by Jess Dadds (England)

Also screened, but not part of the competition, was a documentary about the British musician Simon Finn who is performing in Folkestone on December 9th.

Lime Bar Cafe

Our home, the Lime Bar Cafe, is now two years old

First of all we’d like to thank everyone who has submitted their films to the Festival. Similarly we’d like to thank each and every person who has attended our events over the past 18 months.

Before we announce the finalist we have another special announcement to make. Our hosts the Lime Bar Cafe have now been open for two years therefore we’d like to wish them our huge congratulations. The proprietors Cath Burton and Andi Elliott have been our biggest supporters since day one and above all have been great friends to us. We wish them both every success going forward, here’s to another fantastic two years.

The finalist is…

With a score of 24.43 out of 30 – and an improvement on its 7th Round score of 22.45 – the winner of the first semi final and therefore becoming the fourteenth finalist is:

by Daniel Robinette

Drawn To Fear goes through to the grand final (date TBC). We send our congratulations to Daniel and his team.

The film “drew” a lot of conversation with the audience talking about the suspense and fear the storyline created. Quite a few audience members were visibly scared by the jump scene and overall they felt it was very well-scripted and paid tribute to the director. The excellently executed CGI was also a particular talking point.

Next Up:

We will now be taking a break from the competition due to the festive period but we’re not going anywhere. There may not be any films to vote for in December however we certainly will be celebrating with our second Christmas Special called “Ho Ho Hellfire 2“. This event takes place on December 27th at the usual venue the Lime Bar Cafe, Folkestone. Maybe you’d like to join us for some festive fun?

Gone for the final

A very talkative girl, a vanishing world, a World War 2 comedy and a wrap party gone wrong. These were included in the 12th and final qualifying round of the Hellfire Short Film Festival. Read more

Eternally winning at Hellfire

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