Jodie Comer in Killing Eve

Killing Eve: Season Three Divides Critics

The eagerly anticipated third season of Killing Eve has received a mixed reaction from critics. While some reviewers have praised the latest series as “hilarious” and “gripping” others have panned it saying it is “pretty dull” and “a bit iffy”.

In a break from the norm the third (and possibly final) season won’t be released in its entirety. Instead the BBC have opted to release one episode per week on its BBC iPlayer platform. Fans will be delighted to know that due to the Coronavirus pandemic the series will premiere two weeks early. It will be available in the UK from Monday 13 April.

What is Killing Eve about? (spoiler alert)

Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh return as Villanelle and Eve in the new series of the assassin thriller, which also sees Harriet Walter and Steve Pemberton join the cast.

Based on Luke Jennings’ Codename Villanelle novellas, Killing Eve tells of a sultry professional assassin and a dogged MI6 operative on her trail. The second season climaxed with Villanelle apparently shooting Eve in Rome. The third season begins with Eve in a thankless new job, having survived Villanelle’s attempt on her life. Before long, however, a shocking death once again sets them on a collision course.

The honeymoon phase is over

Ed Cumming from The Independent believes it is being released early because the BBC knows the show is “a bit iffy these days, and wants to get it out while the entire Western world is under house arrest, glued to their TV”.

He added: “It’s 2020, and phones still click and whoop when texts are sent. The humour is weary. Comer remains watchable, but she could film herself opening her post and it would be better than a lot of what’s on TV.” He gave the series a two star review.

TV Guide‘s Kaitlyn Thomas says the new series “feels like a copy of its former” while Anita Singh of The Telegraph says “the novelty has worn off” and it is “no longer TV’s must-watch”.

“Where can the story go now, and does anyone care about the show as much as they used to?” she asked. “The killings in Killing Eve used to be inventive – remember the poison perfume – but the one featured in this episode was pretty dull.”

In a more forgiving review Metro‘s Tilly Pearce says the darkly comic thriller is “as hilarious, gripping and extra as ever”.

“It’s juicy and entertaining and shocking and stylish as always,” reassured Observer‘s Brandon Katz. “But the Honeymoon phase is over. We know these two can’t make it together in the long run and so does the show itself. That’s the problem.”

Killing Eve returns for season 3 on:
Sunday 12 April on BBC America in the USA
Monday 13 April on BBC iPlayer in the UK
You’ll also be able to watch episodes weekly from Saturday 19 April at 9pm on BBC One.