Raising hell
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The premier film events in south east UK.

The Hellfire Film Festival, established in 2014, is a Folkestone-based multi-event organisation that hosts several film-related events in the south east of the UK including the acclaimed Hellfire Shorts (short film festival) that has attracted in excess of 3,300 submissions from all over the world

And brand new for 2019, the Hellfire HORRORfest.

We also host the Hellfire Specials and Hellfire Classics events that showcases feature films, short films, documentaries and music videos old and new by filmmakers around the world.

The organisers all have vast experience in filmmaking and are using this experience to promote and showcase the very best of independent cinema around the world.


Thank you Cath & Andi

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Cath and Andi of Lime Bar Cafe for their amazing generosity in providing Hellfire Film Festival with a home for almost three years.

Making Short Work of the Final

Twenty-two months, 3,300 submissions, 143 countries represented, 163 films screened and it all came down to one night. Welcome to the Hellfire Short Film Festival Grand Final.

A laboured route to the Grand Final

In July 2016 the Hellfire Short Film Festival's competition format…

And Cut! The Hellfire 3rd Semi Final Results

The audience laughed their heads off and the cast of the winning film were literally off their heads. This is the roundup of the Hellfire Short Film Festival 3rd Semi Final.

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Hellfire Horror Film Festival
Saturday 26th October 2019
The Tower Theatre, Folkestone



Hellfire Horror Film Festival
Early Bird Deadline: May 1, 2019
Regular Deadline: July 1, 2019
Late Deadline: September 1, 2019

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Hellfire Shorts

Monthly festival of short films submitted by independent filmmakers around the world.

Hellfire Classics

Let’s go back to the golden era of cinema and watch your favourite classic movies on the big screen.

Hellfire Specials

Special screenings of feature films including premieres and Q&As with film industry professionals.