Ho Ho Hellfire Christmas Special

Ho Ho Hellfire Christmas Special

We're just one week away from Ho Ho Hellfire 2. Let's take a look at what's in store for us next Wednesday at the Hellfire Film Festival Christmas Special.

What makes a Christmas movie?

As it wouldn't be Christmas without watching some festive feature films we here at Hellfire HQ we've been pondering a question for the past few days. What is the best Christmas movie of all time?
Season Two Submissions on Filmfreeway

Season Two Submissions Strong

The submissions process for the Hellfire Short Film Festival Season Two is open. While Season One may still be in the semi finals we thought "why not open the next season early?". And the numbers are very encouraging!
Finalist Draws No Fear

Finalist Draws No Fear

Eight short films, from all four corners of the planet, battled it out to become a finalist in Wednesday's Hellfire Short Film Festival semi final.

Ten Questions with Alastair Train

Alastair Train is a London-based filmmaker and offers support and guidance at the London Film Academy. He is also a Hellfire Short Film Festival finalist.

Gone for the final

A very talkative girl, a vanishing world, a World War 2 comedy and a wrap party gone wrong. These were included in the 12th and final qualifying round of the Hellfire Short Film Festival.

Eternally winning at Hellfire

The ghost of a child, a UKIP-loving goose-hunting granny, Boris Karloff and a bunch of zombies. That's what was on offer in last night's Hellfire Short Film Festival 11th Round.

The honeymoon's over!

Another successful night and a truly global event. That's how we could describe Wednesday's Hellfire Short Film Festival 10th Round.

What a mishap, duck!

Exorcisms, Donald Trump, duck love and David Bowie's spacesuit were all on show at this month's Hellfire Short Film Festival.

Tears at Hellfire

If we could describe the evening as a physical object it would be the comedy/tragedy greek theatre masks as both laughter and tears were in full flow at tonight’s Hellfire Short Film Festival.