Ten Questions with Alastair Train

Alastair Train is a filmmaker based in London and offers support and guidance at the London Film Academy. He is also a 1st Hellfire Short Film Festival finalist. We had a chat recently.

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Gone for the final

A very talkative girl, a vanishing world, a World War 2 comedy and a wrap party gone wrong. These were included in the 12th and final qualifying round of the Hellfire Short Film Festival. Read more

Eternally winning at Hellfire

The ghost of a child, a UKIP-loving goose-hunting granny, Boris Karloff and a bunch of zombies. That’s what was on offer in last night’s Hellfire Short Film Festival 11th Round. Read more

The honeymoon’s over!

Another successful night and a truly global event. That’s how we could describe Wednesday’s Hellfire Short Film Festival 10th Round. Read more

What a mishap, duck!

Exorcisms, Donald Trump, duck love and David Bowie’s spacesuit were all on show at this month’s Hellfire Short Film Festival. Read more

Tears at Hellfire

If we could describe the evening as a physical object it would be the comedy/tragedy greek theatre masks as both laughter and tears were in full flow at tonight’s Hellfire Short Film Festival. Read more

Time for a birthday massage?

It was a tale of two countries at our Birthday Special last night. As we celebrated our first birthday films from the UK and the USA dominated the evening. Read more

It’s A Splendid Affair

A Splendid Affair

It was a night for new faces at Wednesday’s Hellfire Short Film Festival. As well as our regular attendees we are delighted that several new faces turned up for an evening of celebration of international short films. Read more

Strange Love Silent Film Day

A 16-day celebration of artists, video, film, performance and sound is coming to Folkestone in March and Hellfire is proud to be a part of it. Read more

Double Trouble at Hellfire

Wednesday 25th January saw the return of the Hellfire Short Film Festival and what a night it was! A great selection of nine short films ranging from horror and sci-fi to drama and comedy ensured a truly mixed bag of quality productions. Read more