Hellfire Short Film Festival 8th Round Winner is…

If we could describe the evening as a physical object it would be the comedy/tragedy greek theatre masks as both laughter and tears were in full flow at tonight’s Hellfire Short Film Festival. Read more


Short Film Fest 8th Round Lineup Announced

Tonight I’m gonna have myself a real good time….

We’re just hours away from the 8th Round of the Hellfire Short Film Festival and we’re delighted to announce this evening’s lineup. Who will be joining last month’s winner Alastair Train’s ‘Osteopathy’ (pictured)? You decide!!

Title (Director)

Dark Light (Nick Busch)
Ice Cream for Breakfast (Geena Matuson)
Under The Apple Tree (Erik van Schaaik)
Hair of the Dog (Kyle A. Smith)
Rambling On (Nicole Pott)
Synesthesia (Alison Kohlhardt)
Annie Waits (Marnie Paxton-Harris)
Fireplace (Muhammad Bayazid & Samid Safi Bayazid)
The Elephant in the Room (Mark Singer & Jamie Terry)

The event kicks off at 7pm and is free admission as always.

Lime Bar Cafe
46 Tontine Street
Kent CT20 1JU

Find the venue on Google Maps


Hellfire Short Film Festival Round 7 Winner is Announced

It was a tale of two countries at our Birthday Special last night. As we celebrated our first birthday films from the UK and the USA dominated the evening. Read more


It’s A Splendid Affair

It was a night for new faces at Wednesday’s Hellfire Short Film Festival. As well as our regular attendees we are delighted that several new faces turned up for an evening of celebration of international short films.

As is now becoming the norm we had nine incredible short films to screen including our first Iraqi submission. Also in the lineup was a comedy short film from Paris, and a mix of British and US entries.

The following short films were screened at the Hellfire Short Film Festival 6th Round:
(in screening order)

‘A Splendid Affair’ directed by Laurent Ardoint (Paris, France)
‘Pearl Island’ directed by Dana Karim (Salaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan)
‘American Zombies’ directed by Joe Bowes (Waukesha, WI, USA)
‘Bosatsu – Year of the Dragon’ directed by Siddarth Ahluwalia (San Francisco, CA, USA)
‘All In A Day’s Work’ directed by Andy Coughlan (Hythe, Kent, UK)
‘The King’ directed by Jehan Bokhari (London, UK)
‘Jack & Jill’ directed by Nicholas Hearst (London, UK)
‘Dress Rehearsal’ directed by Michael Boston (Burbank, CA, USA)
‘Multi Story’ directed by Kieran Chauhan (Leicester, UK)

After each short film was screened the audience voted on six categories, Director, Acting, Editing, Story/Script, Visuals and Soundtrack. Each category was to be given a score out of five with the totals added up to give the overall score out of 30.

And the winner, with the highest score ever received (26.8 out of 30) and going through to the Grand Final, is:

by Laurent Ardoint (Paris, France)
Watch the trailer here:

Bande Annonce “Une Bonne Affaire” (Trailer “A splendid affair”) from Laurent Ardoint on Vimeo.

The runners up who both join our Wildcard table are:

‘PEARL ISLAND’ by Dana Karim (Salaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan) (24.8)
‘ALL IN A DAY’S WORK’ by Andy Coughlan (Hythe, Kent, UK) (23.6)

In a day of records ‘Pearl Island’ is also our highest scoring runner up and on any other night would have won the round but for the success of ‘A Splendid Affair’.

Congratulations to Laurent Ardoint and his cast and crew, we hope to see you at the Grand Final later this year (date TBA). And congratulations also go to Dana Karim and Andy Coughlan and their respective cast and crew.


Hellfire Short Film Festival Round 7
As we enter our second year we will celebrate all that has been achieved and a look back at all the winners throughout the past twelve months. Please join us!

Wednesday, April 5 2017 @ 7pm
Lime Bar Cafe, 46 Tontine Street, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 1JU

Hellfire Short Film Festival Round Five Winners Are Announced

Wednesday 25th January saw the return of the Hellfire Short Film Festival and what a night it was! A great selection of nine short films ranging from horror and sci-fi to drama and comedy ensured a truly mixed bag of quality productions. Read more


Film Festival back in action!

After a brief break the Hellfire Short Film Festival is back in action again on Wednesday 25th January. Hosted by the Lime Bar Cafe the HSFF 5th Round will be packed with several amazing short films, nine to be precise, and all have an incredibly high production value.

Date: Wednesday 25th January 2017, 7pm-10.30pm
Venue: Lime Bar Café, 46 Tontine Street, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 1JU.

We’re also delighted to announce that our first submissions process has begun for the Hellfire International Film Festival which will be held in the Autumn (Fall) 2017. The submissions process is now open until Thursday 16th March via FilmFreeway and the two selected feature films will be shown in a special screening at Lime Bar Café on Wednesday 22nd March before they both appear at the main event. Both will be eligible for the awards on offer at the main event.

Postponing the show

It’s with great regret we’ve had to postpone tonight’s Hellfire Short Film Festival Fifth Round. Due to essential repairs at our venue, Lime Bar Cafe, we had to make the late decision to rearrange the event for a later date.

As it stands right now the bar has been demolished to make way for a new bar which is taking longer than expected and therefore the whole venue is currently a construction site.

We will endeavour to rearrange the date as soon as is humanly possible, whether that be at an alternative venue or we wait until Lime Bar Cafe is reopened.

We apologise profusely to all who wished to attend and to all our entrants for the delays in hosting the event.

Hellfire Short Film Festival Fifth Round

The submissions process for the fifth round of the Hellfire Short Film Festival is now open.

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